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Where Do You Stand?

IMG_1057Where do you stand on the question of belief in God? Most people have some faith, but many have doubts as well. So how can we find out if the faith we have is realistic? Is it justified? Lets look at three things that help to make foundations for your faith and for my faith. First, take the world we live in. Look at all the forms of life showing outstanding beauty and intricate complexity. The alternative to believing in God as the great creator is to accept that all these things around us evolved by chance. Surely though a conviction that God designed the world and carried the design into action is much more credible than accepting that we live in something that came about through a gigantic accident. The second foundation for our faith is the Bible. Without a belief in God and a conviction that He inspired men to write about their faith, we have one frightening alternative. If there was no inspiration the Bible is a conspiracy to deceive. Its authors were all conspirators. The reality is that the Bible is repeatedly proved true. Each new archaeological discovery shows the Bible to be right. So do the many prophecies that have accurately predicted events. Finally, what about the inner desire that we have to find a meaning and purpose to life? If we live in a world that came about by chance with no reliable spiritual guidance, why do we search for meaning and purpose? We search because the Bible tells us that we are made in God’s image, the image of the creator. The Bible also tells us that there is much more to life than the daily round. A foundation for anything that we intend to build on must be sufficiently strong and have true lines. The foundations we have looked at have intense strength and their lines are true.
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