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There are Christadelphian ecclesias in many parts of the word. If you would like any information about your nearest Christadelphians where ever you may be located, please e-mail us and we will forward details by return. W: With the help of the Lord, the Christadelphian Bible MIssion (CBM) in the UK (together with its sister organisations, the Australasian CBM and the CBM of the Americas) seeks to:

  • preach the gospel throughout the world,
  • establish ecclesias (churches) for those who become our brethren and sisters as a result of this preaching,
  • continue to support them with pastoral care in their new lives in Christ.

The workforce of the CBM consists of the many brethren and sisters world-wide who help in this work:

  • members of correspondence teams who write to those eager to learn,
  • people who visit overseas countries to preach and to support local ecclesias,
  • people living in countries around the world who organise and carry out preaching,
  • people who contribute to the funds for this work.

For more information about the CBM:

Ivungwe Ecclesia Visit

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