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Bible Lectures & Recordings

COVID arrangements

During the Covid pandemic we will be broadcasting a Bible Lecture once per month via Zoom and this website at 6pm Sunday. Recordings will be made available here.

God's plan for the Future (Carl Hinton)

God's Love for Humanity (Ian Prentice)

Christ is Coming: Are you ready? (Phil Crossley)


The Bible Your Guide (Carl Hinton)


Face to Face Lectures Pre Pandemic

Public lectures are held normally each Sunday evening, at 6.00pm, God Willing. Between January and June 2020 on the first Sunday of each month there will be a lunch followed by a 2:15pm lecture. All who are interested in learning more about God's word the Bible and how it can change our life are welcome. We believe that the Bible is inspired by God's and all our talks are based around His Word. Please see Events for the upcoming subjects.


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