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What is Happiness?

TulipsMost of us have our good moments when we experience fleeting happiness. But they are always too good to last, and the thankless struggle goes on -trying to cope with worry, despair, and life’s emptiness. Real lasting happiness is not something we can get for ourselves. The very act of trying to get happiness drives it away. There’s really no mystery about real happiness. Put in the right ingredients and it must come out. The only recipe comes from God - in His Book, the Bible. The vital ingredient of happiness is obedience to God and faith that He will provide it. God promises happiness to those who trust in Him. The Bible says, “Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.” This doesn’t mean freedom from the problems of everyday life, or exclusion from the crises that come to everyone from time to time. But it does mean contentment - even in the face of adversity - and the ability to see the certain future through the clouds of our present troubles. Mental turmoil, anxious days and sleepless nights can wear us out in mind and body. And yet there is no need to suffer such wear and tear. Jesus, the Son of God, tells us that he came to show us the way. If we try to do what he tells us, we can have and enjoy, full lives. And he means happiness to be with us all the time - not Just on a greetings card. Jesus proved that every obstacle to true peace and happiness can be overcome through trust in God, and obedience to Him. That’s why he said: “Be of good cheer,” - that is, be happy - “I have overcome the world,” he says. He had overcome every doubt, fear, and anxiety. Happiness is doing God’s will. It really works. Why not give it a try?
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