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One Bible, many churches; does it matter which one?

Because there is only one Bible, but so many divisions and different denominations in Christendom with differing beliefs yet claiming to hold the Bible as the basis for their faith, we must ask, does it matter? The answer given by the apostle Paul to this question was that it does matter, for he said that there was only one faith and only one way of salvation. The Lord Jesus Christ preached one gospel. Paul preached that same gospel and wrote to those believers at Rome that “It is the power of God unto salvation, to everyone that believeth.” It follows then that our beliefs must be based on that one true gospel if we are seeking eternal life. The Bible teaches clearly that faith in that gospel is the basis for salvation for mankind. Our faith, our belief and the teachings that we profess must therefore be important to our future. Think carefully on the words of Jesus when he spoke of two ways in this life, but with only one narrow way leading to eternal life. One Bible, many churches; does it matter which one? The answer depends on what the questioner is seeking. If the quest is for friendship, or to satisfy the belief that one ought to worship somewhere - then the answer is “no”, that it probably does not matter. The answer is definitely “yes”, however, if the quest is for eternal life, and a form of worship acceptable to God. hzi7u2sz2ge-aaron-burden
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