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Hope for a Hopeless World

Quite obviously, the world faces some very serious problems. Most days bring bad news, and things seem to be getting worse. WarOn a national scale, war and terrorism are on the increase. And at a personal level, we see lack of respect for any form of authority. Parents fear for their children’s future. Elderly people fear for their own safety. The very fabric of our society seems to be breaking down, and many people are frightened that this trend cannot be reversed. But it’s not generally realised that from another point of view, these problems are actually a good sign. Did you know that the Bible tells us that all these happenings are a positive indication that Jesus Christ will shortly be returning to the earth, to set up the Kingdom of God, and to turn the world into a very different place? So although the news is bad, it does mean that we’re living on the threshold of a tremendous change. The time is not far off when the earth will be ruled by God, not man. The Bible is the Word of God, and it contains the only true message of hope for this world. We’d like you to read the Bible, and we’d like to help you to understand it, if you’ll please let us.
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