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Chance or Design?

Have you ever looked at the wonders of Nature and asked yourself “How did it all happen?”

What about the law of gravity, the order of day and night, the sequence of the seasons, the wonder of the star-filled sky?

Did it really just happen by itself? Or was it carefully created?

And what about us? Some people view everything - including human beings as a collection of atoms which came together by accident.


But when you look at the sheer complexity of say, the human body, it’s clear that if it just happened by chance, then there’s equally a chance that a lot of building materials, tipped and left in a field, could eventually come together and build themselves into a house. And yet even the tiniest insect is infinitely more complex than any house.

The Bible makes it quite clear that God is the Creator of the universe. It opens with the words:  In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth

The order, the beauty, and the complexity of all forms of life are all due to Him. It didn’t come about by accident.

It just couldn’t, because chance never produces order. Always disorder.

So what does this mean, for us? Well, because God created everything with a purpose in mind, it means that world events, including our own lives, are all part of His great plan.

As the Bible tells us in many places throughout its pages, God intends to fill the earth with His glory, and to banish for ever the problems that beset the world today.

So, if it is all due to chance, the outlook really is bleak! But if you fear God, and are anxious to obey His Word, the whole outlook is transformed.

You have a hope.