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The Bible - A Precious Inheritance

BibleMany of the things we inherit lose their value over the years; yet the Bible is an inheritance that is worth just as much to you and me today as it was worth to others in earlier centuries. This book which is in most houses today was largely inaccessible to people living before the 16th Century, the problem being that only a handful could actually read Latin! In 1523 William Tyndale, the pioneer translator of the Bible, predicted that every ploughboy would know more about the scriptures than the churchmen of his day. It was a bold statement, but by the time he was executed he had finished his translation. From then on anyone who could read English could read the Bible. This is a tremendous heritage! But, that is not all! The Bible itself is a unique heritage - it is not the work of men, but God’s word. Time and time again the Bible is proved to be right. It tells us about the Lord God, Jesus Christ his son, the way God created the heavens and earth; but most exciting of all, it tells us what God plans to do with them! So when the Bible speaks like this in Psalm 119 verse 111: “Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage for ever, for they are the rejoicing of my heart,” it has a very powerful message for us today. The Christadelphians not only look back to the heritage received in the Bible, but also to its promises for the future. The wonderful time is coming when the Lord Jesus will return and the Earth will again be as God made it.
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