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Are You Looking for a Compass for Life?

CompassThe future is something all of us worry about, whether it be for ourselves, our families or even life on Earth. You may be surprised to find that the Bible, which some dismiss as a vague history book, is in fact about the future of this planet! It is true that the Bible has a historical content but this forms a part of God’s guide book for life and blueprint for a perfect world - the world of the future! This generation has reached the highest point of civilisation yet the lowest point of godliness. Things are advancing to a critical point; if we do not blow ourselves up then we are likely to destroy our natural resources to the point where life is in jeopardy. This may sound rather depressing, but the future as revealed in the Bible is very different! The Bible is a very down-to-earth book, far from the feeble sentimentality so often wrongly attributed to it. Throughout its pages it speaks of a day that is coming when all that is wrong will be put right: when the sickness of society will be healed. This will be achieved when the Lord Jesus Christ returns. He rose from the dead some nineteen hundred years ago and will soon come again to take over the government of the whole world: literally; politically; personally! God’s plan is to establish a real kingdom on Earth with Jesus, His son, ruling as King from Jerusalem: “The God of Heaven shall set up a kingdom (on Earth) that shall never be destroyed.” The Bible is packed full of the promise of the coming kingdom, remember the Lord’s prayer, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” The purpose of God, as revealed in the Bible, guarantees a fresh start for mankind under the Kingship of Christ. This is the future God has planned, now is the opportunity to make it your future too! But, hurry, the signs are that it will not be future for much longer!
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