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What Will Happen When Jesus Returns?

It might seem that the all-important issues which face everyone are such things as the refugee crisis, unemployment, nuclear disarmament, pay awards, the right to strike, or racial harmony, and so on, and so on. And above all, what party ought to be in power . These are vital issues, it is true. But at the root of all these problems is the fact that we do not put God first. God is left out of things. Some people have thought it incredible that throughout the whole of the Bible, there’s not one word of advice about the kind of government we should try to establish, or the kind of political issues we should vote for. Jesus and his disciples took no part whatsoever in the politics of their day, despite the existence of many burning issues, not least being the occupation and oppression of their country by the Roman power. The only advice which the Bible gives to believers is that they should support and obey GOD’S chosen candidate, Jesus Christ. And we are told, if we do this, our lives will be transformed. This is much easier to understand when you study the Bible, and come to realise that whatever any human government may or may not do, it’s of little importance, relatively speaking, compared with our relationship with God, and His Son, Jesus Christ. Because it’s clear from Bible prophecy that we’re now living in the time of the end: the time when God is about to send Jesus Christ to reign over the whole earth. To do away with all existing governments, all political parties. Unlike human politicians, Jesus Christ will never let anyone down. He will always keep his promises. Only he has the power to solve all the world’s political, economic and social problems. And he will use that power when he returns to the earth. So, if you want to belong to the party which God will eventually put in power, there’s one name against which you should put your cross: the name of Jesus Christ.
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